A Short Post On Cell Phone Numbers And On Ordering Food From Amazon

22 06 2011

A friend called from New York last night. Her area code was 314: Saint Louis. It used to be that you could tell where a person was calling from based on their area code, but local and mobile number portability make that no longer the case. Then again, it used to be that you didn’t have caller ID…

Separately, I recently realized that I really like Wheat Thins. A lot. But we just finished a monster shopping trip and didn’t think that we’d be near a real supermarket for weeks. After being mopey for about five seconds I realized that I can use my Amazon Prime membership to get Wheat Thins delivered to me anywhere I want in two days flat, and at a cheaper price than the supermarket. I think that I’ll soon be the first person to pick up a General Delivery order of Wheat Thins.

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22 06 2011

Thank you for your comment on my blog.
We are spending some time with our youngest son in Toronto till Saturday and then will drive to where our RIG is stored,get it ready and hit the road.
Have a GREAT summer.

22 06 2011

Thanks, you too!

22 06 2011

How do you guys get mail, anyway?

22 06 2011

General Delivery, mostly. Anyone can have mail sent to (nearly) any post office in the country, where it will be held for 30 days for pickup. General Deliver mail is addressed:

First Last
General Delivery
City, State Zip

I just picked up General Delivery mail today, actually!

22 06 2011

Haha…is this the beginning of wheat thin addicts-anonymous-on-the-road 🙂
I must say we’ve ordered a few wierd things on the way…the wierdest probably being grass-fed meat organs. Yes…it’s a long story…one for a glass or two

22 06 2011

I’m looking forward to that glass (or two). Grass-fed meat organs? Yum.

24 06 2011

totally didn’t know you could order food on amazon.. especially everyday item food.. but i should have known, amazon has everything, still good to know b/c i would have never thought of it!!

30 06 2011

I’ve always had a thing for Chewy chocolate chip granola bars. Off to check Amazon for a bulk order of Chewys to our next post office! 🙂

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