A “Did This Really Just Happen?” Moment

24 06 2011

After an awesome four days at Zion, Ayo and I left the park yesterday afternoon in time to catch gorgeous views of Red Canyon right at sunset. (Post to come.) We’re boondocking in Dixie National Forest for a day or two before making our way over to Bryce. The weather here is cool and is a welcome change from Zion, where the temperatures hit 100 degrees each day.

Sunset at Red Canyon

Sunset at Red Canyon

Stunning Red Rocks - We Promise The Colors Aren't Enhanced

Stunning Red Rocks

This morning, Ayo decided to take advantage of the cool weather, our quiet spot and the nearby shade by pulling out her hula hoop. Ayo says that clothes are cumbersome when it comes to hooping, so she spent a good hour in the nude, rocking out to music with her hoop.

So a bit of time passes and a couple drives by on a dirt bike. The woman on the bike waves at Ayo, and Ay waves right back – totally down for being in her birthday suit, especially after our experience in the Dominican Republic. It turns out that the dirt bikers are also full-time RVers and they stop to chat for a half hour or so. All the while, Ayo is still hooping, and she comes over at the end to introduce herself.

If you think that this was our “Did this really just happen?” moment, you’d be mistaken. I exchange information with the couple, promising them good recommendations of boondocking spots. A few hours later, we receive this e-mail:

Hi there,

It was nice to meet you both. You said to email you about dispersed camping spots you know about near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Ted and I wanted to let you know how great it was to see your wife/girlfriend expressing herself. She has a beautiful body and should be proud of it. However, it did sexually arouse us to the point of having incredible sex when we got home. Thank you!

[Names removed]

For that to have happened is one thing. But for them to have told us in their first email?! Definitely a “Did this really just happen?” moment.

On a quasi-related note, Ayo is starting to pick up a few hooping tricks. (She claims to be a beginner and that she needs to practice a lot to make it look smoother, but I disagree.) Check out the video below. It’s family-friendly, we promise. Β πŸ™‚

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14 responses

24 06 2011
Brenda Auch

What the world needs is more naked hooping! Pretty sure we’d all quit fighting. Who can be angry with naked hooping going on??? πŸ™‚

30 06 2011

Agreed! Will you join the movement, Brenda? πŸ™‚

24 06 2011

I can totally understand how the couple felt as I have taken one of Ayo’s yoga classes which left me feeling the same way πŸ™‚

30 06 2011

Ha. Hi Gavin. It’s been over a year since the DR – come visit us already!

25 06 2011
Brooke (siayla)

Her hooping looks pretty amazing even with clothes on πŸ˜‰

Did you stay at the sites below the cliffs in Dixie? We were too big to turn up into them so we had to back down that road and out…not fun. Great photos of the sunlight on the cliffs. Boy I miss those red rocks! In case you missed it in my reviews there is a boondocking spot just minutes outside of the Grand Canyon.

25 06 2011
Carol Kerr

I’m with Brenda.. the world needs more naked hooping! LOL

30 06 2011

Will you join our ranks, my dear? πŸ™‚

25 06 2011

LOVE it!! Being a very free-sprited Danish gal I totally dig that story.

30 06 2011

Ah… Danish, that’s right. Yair and I may just have to add Denmark to our list of places to explore! Though we just received an e-mail from friends inviting us to spend the summer with them at Cap D’Agde, the naturist / nudist resort community. European road trip? πŸ™‚

25 06 2011

Hahaha I’m not surprised they felt comfortable telling you that if she felt comfortable hooping naked in front of them! Not that I think nudity has to be sexual, but most people wouldn’t feel THAT comfortable!

And agreed with the other commenters, you guys should start a separate blog promoting the naked hooping movement.

25 06 2011

The video was awesome. Amy couldnt look more graceful. Love it, but that best part was how perfect the song was for Amazing A. Lots and lots of love. Let’s hoop together some time πŸ™‚

30 06 2011

Thanks, beautiful. What you chose to comment on speaks wonders, but I love your constant support – if not of everything, then of the bits you manage to pick out.

I miss you. Let’s make a hooping date and a biking date for some time soon. xo

8 07 2011

Amy, I always support your everything – because you do what you believe is right and good and fits – so what’s not to support? Supporting you doesnt mean I want to do the same things as you, or even that I always agree with you or am comfortable with the same things as you- but commenting on the part that stood out to me – how appropos the song is, should not be read as a lack of support for all of YOU. Naked hooping is not me, but since it’s you, it’s a part of you I love

4 07 2012
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