Free (Short) Flight On JetBlue

27 06 2011

Hi guys!  Here’s the deal:  We have 5,400 points on JetBlue that technically expired a couple of days ago.  The airline confirmed that they will give us a ~2 week grace period until the points disappear.

5,400 points is enough to cover a short one way flight (e.g. Boston to NY), but not distances too much longer than that.  Yair and I don’t have a real need or use for those points right now, so we thought that we’d open it up to you guys.  If the points work out for you (check first), shoot us an e-mail at with your proposed itinerary and we’ll try to book something for you.  (Taxes and fees should only be between $2 and $5, but that would be your responsibility.)


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3 responses

27 06 2011

You guys are so Awesome!!
Come up to the Bay Area sometime!!

30 06 2011

Thanks for the love! We may find our way to the Bay Area this November, so let’s make a date when the fall rolls around. 🙂

6 05 2013
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