Burning Man 2011 and Camp Nomadia

28 06 2011

Burning Man 2011 is just a couple of months away, and we are pumped!  For nomads or aspiring nomads finding their way to Black Rock City, you’re invited to camp with us at Camp Nomadia.  Yair and I will be taking over the organizing and hosting of Nomadia for its fourth and most awesome year, and you can find all of the whosit-whatsit details right here.  Come camp with us!

Speaking of Burning Man 2011, we’ve gotten some flak from a few of you for never posting about Burning Man 2010.  You got us there.  Our reticence was probably three fold:  First, being so in the moment that we didn’t tote around our camera or take too many photographs.  Second, being on such a post-Burning Man high that we didn’t even try to put the emotions into words.  And third, censorship.  Yair is a bit more conservative than I am about what goes into the blog (probably for the better!), but you can ask us for the good stories in person.  🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In an attempt to ‘make good’ on our absent post, here is a slideshow of our photos, followed by a couple of fun compilation videos that we found of BRC 2010 (the second is from 2009) and a thought mash of my own. [Note from Yair: WATCH THE VIDEOS. Note from Ayo: But keep in mind that Burning Man is so much more than a rave.]


This is a thought mash that I wrote last September, but opted not to share at the time. For the record, not all of the items below are my personal experiences.  Many reflect the experiences of those around me.  Here goes:

“Burning Man came to a close a few weeks ago.  I had wanted to write a private journal entry recording my thoughts and impressions before they began to fade with time, but I really didn’t feel like sitting down with my laptop or a piece of paper to do so.  I still don’t feel like it, but I value the experience and the memories so much that the least I can do is let them out for just a minute in a stream-of-consciousness flow.

I miss Burning Man.  I miss the openness and the fun.  I miss the people, the support, the creativity.  The non-judgment.  The lack of boundaries but presence of respect.  The dancing, music, bondage, art, friendship, food, drink.  Absurdities.  Maybe I am a hippie.  Ecstasy.  Rainbows.  Spirituality.  The spectrum of what we’re not able to see but what exists in our oh-so-physical world.  Love drugs.  Tactile sensations.  Touch.  Hugs.  Smiles.  Big-ass pupils.  Orgy dome.  Sacred temple.  Longing for loved ones.  Loving new ones.  Big fires.  Other-planet sensations.  Playa under the stars.  Bio-luminescence.  Giant dinosaurs.  Creatures of the night.  EL-wire stick figures.  Shiitake mushroom noodle soup and sumo wrestling.  Waffle dome.  Black Rock diner.  Grilled cheese.  Camp Beaverton.  Young lesbians.  Strap-on-a-thon.  Sukkat shalom.  Jews in the desert.  Zvi Smith.  Mashiach flags.  Israelis.  Bicycles everywhere.  Lack of vehicles.  Lack of pretense.  Start a conversation.  Soul-sparks-sparkle-shining –> Finding the truth mirror.  Giving.  Sharing.  Gifting.  Loving.  Dildo contact improv at Center Camp.  WDYDWYD.  Bliss dance and the beauty of the 50-foot woman.  Dust everywhere.  Goggles and masks.  The burning of the man in all its glory.  Then the burning of the temple.  Hmm, Beit Hamikdash.  Rub downs in the foam bath.  Repeat three times.  Camp Nomadia.  Chris and Cherie.  Sam and Tracy.  Sarge.  Stories of unjust jailings and Native American spirituality.  Learning true hospitality.  Trampolines and child-like laughter.  Flying through the sky.  6:30 and H.  Why is exposure indecent?  Why can a woman legally abort a baby but not consume substances in the privacy of her own home?  Why do we spend our time imprisoning those who choose drugs?  Legalize and tax the shit out of it.  Body painting.  Dave.  Feeling more beautiful than ever before.  A Picasso on my chest.  Hula hoops.  Child.  Adult.  A world of difference in the connotations between the two.  Grown-ups are allowed to have fun!  You don’t have to lose your life, your passion, your love when you grow older.  A Utopian society, perhaps not a practical model for the ‘default world’.  Like the college experience with everything planned out for you.  Perhaps you need to work to support this one week of sharing and endless passion.  But what if you didn’t have to?

Black Rock City in all its might.  The post office.  Department of Mutant Vehicles.  Black Rock Rangers.  Come back to me.  Every now and then, I wish I could just go home.  But it’s no longer there.  It’s only real when you create it.  When all of us create it.  Until next year, just a figment of our collective imagination.  Our beautiful collective imagination.”

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12 responses

28 06 2011
Domingo V

Good luck to you guys. I have a couple of friends from DT who are also doing burning man!

5 07 2011

Thanks! What’ll it take to get you out here to join us? I can definitely find you salsa on two if that’s what it takes. 🙂

28 06 2011
Big Sam

After reading your mash I’m in tears. Tears of joy!!! For all the memories and images that just came flooding back into my mind. Remembering the sound of you singing in Hebrew. Seeing both your smiles as we all danced.

I am so looking forward to going home. See you both on the Playa.

Sam & Tracy

5 07 2011

You’re amazing. We are SO excited to camp with you again and share this incredible week.

Big hugs and kisses,
Ay & Ya

11 07 2011

Loved this post, really brought me right back. Can’t wait to see you folks again seven weeks from today! Gonna be driving my 1978 Rockwood (25′ Chevy Based Class C) this year, hooray!


12 07 2011

Sweet! Can’t wait to see you and tour the new rig. Will you be arriving on Monday?

28 06 2011

You know I’ve wanted to do Burning Man for years and your shots have just inspired me even more. Can’t make it this year, but will definitely be going before long. Fabulous! Nina

5 07 2011

Good! I’m glad to hear it. Camp Nomadia 2012? 🙂

28 06 2011
Brenda Auch

Sounds just beautiful! I’ve only ever had one all too brief weekend that was similar to how you described this event. I would love to have that again sometime!

5 07 2011

Hey Brenda, what are you doing on August 29th-September 5th this year? 🙂

28 06 2011

Appears the slideshow does not work on IOS devices. At least, I’m unable to see anything but a black box with rounded corners.

5 07 2011

Hey Scott! It may not be compatible with hand-held devices, but hopefully you’ll get a chance to pop on a computer and check the photos out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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