Bryce Canyon National Park

30 06 2011

On our way in to Bryce we overnighted at a gorgeous spot in Dixie National Forest, making our way into the National Park after a day of resting, walking, cooking, and target practice.

Bryce affirmed my observation that the parks we’ve been to all have something unique to offer. On that note, do any of you who haven’t been to Bryce have any idea what a hoodoo is? Didn’t think so.

Hoodoos At Bryce

Hoodoos At Bryce

These are hoodoos, and they are super-cool. We spent a day at Bryce enjoying the popular Navajo – Queens Garden loop trail, a path that takes you down through a small slot canyon to the bottom of the hoodoos. Later that night we enjoyed a Bryce specialty: their spectacular astronomy offerings, with seven full-time volunteer astronomers and a well-oiled observing program.

Us on the Navajo - Queens Garden Loop Trail

Us on the Navajo - Queens Garden Loop Trail

The Sentinel Standing Guard (On The Upper Right)

The Sentinel Standing Guard (On The Upper Right)

The parks that we’ve been to recently offer free shuttle service to points of interest, their purpose being to reduce vehicular traffic. Bryce offers a cool extension of that service: a free three-hour guided bus tour of the park. Our tour was on an air-conditioned coach bus and was with Spike, a knowledgeable and entertaining guide. Highly recommended.

The Lion and Horse

The Lion and Horse



One final note on Bryce: Lots of people reference public lands when they talk about the “closest dispersed camping to X National Park”. Just as we found free dry camping in Springdale minutes outside of Zion, we found the same in Bryce. (Everything I found prior referenced Dixie NF as the closest spot.) Technically the Ruby’s Inn parking lot doesn’t permit overnight parking. But… we sketchily pulled into a large dirt area just south of the lot where a bunch of trucks were parked. The trucks did a wonderful job of making us unnoticeable, and even provided some shade in the morning. Resourcefulness.

Finally, on Friday afternoon we realized that we were close to exhausting our two loaves of whole wheat bread. Bagels were in the freezer, but the supply of solid sliced bread was dwindling. Suddenly, an idea popped into our head: Let’s make challah! Friday would be the perfect day to have a couple of fresh-baked challah come out of the oven.



The recipe we found was spectacular and easy. We substituted half whole-wheat flour and cut the baking time a bit, but our challah was great. When we pulled it out of the oven we topped it with salt, honey, and butter (separately). Try making some and doing the same. You won’t regret it!

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2 responses

30 06 2011

We hiked for 4 days in Bryce and found it to be one of the most beautiful parks we have visited so far.
Nice shots.

3 07 2011

great photos!! love the lion & the horse (:

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