Free Ideas! Get ‘Em While They’re Hot (Part 3 of 3)

3 07 2011

This is the third entry in a three-part series on random ideas that I’ve cooked up this month.  I present idea number three:

Camouflage Bear, Lion and Deer Print Footwear

Apparel companies are always brainstorming for the next trend and style.  Kids’ sneakers offer embedded roller-skates, bright lights and other ADD features.

Enter my idea:  As Yair and I were hiking through a slot canyon last week, we noticed animal prints and took a closer look to see what species they belonged to.  I began to think… Why not market kids sneakers with bear or lion or deer prints on the bottom?  You could drive trackers crazy and delight nine year old boys and girls with leaving prints of hooves and paws and claws all over the desert floor or recess yard.

This is perhaps a bit less grandiose and clever than my other ideas, but…  Win:  Kids have wholesome fun and learn about nature and tracking animal prints.  Win:  Apparel companies have a new, cool best-selling product.  Win:  Parents get a reprieve from the super annoying light-up-with-every-step kind of sneaker.

Imagine These Awesome Prints on the Bottom of Your Sneakers

Imagine These Awesome Prints on the Bottom of Your Sneakers

That’s all I got for now.  Feel free to take my ideas, but give me credit!  What fun and silly ideas have you guys brainstormed?

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5 07 2011

I always thought it would be fun to have a travelling mud (chocolate pudding?) wrestling show – amateur, campy, funny costumes, silly WWF type stunts. We could set up at bars and festivals and charge admission, make some $$ for having fun!

5 07 2011

I am totally down. Mud wrestling sounds like fun. Chocolate pudding wrestling sounds UNREAL!

Dude, when do we start?

5 07 2011

Actually, this reminds me of an awesome exhibit at the Figment NYC festival last summer. In a nutshell, they had people dressing up like Japanese super heroes / super villains in the costume section, pick out ten stuffed animals and get into their kiddie pools where they would begin dunking the animals and throwing them at the other person to totally drench them, beat the villain and lead their side to victory.

It was very creative and looked like a blast, though without the added allure of the chocolate pudding of course.

10 07 2011

I’m not sure if enough parents today want their kids playing in the dirt.

10 07 2011

Hmm, I think you may be on to something. Animal track sneakers could be the start of a whole new revolution to get kids back in the dirt.

Miss you, by the way. When is your next U.S. trip? We’re hoping to lead another Birthright trip in February, followed by Shvil Yisrael. Want to come?

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