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14 07 2011

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Lots of RVers have posted comprehensive guides to RVing, covering everything from maintenance to cool tips and tricks. That said…

We were recently chatting with a couple of RVers who hadn’t heard of a few resources that we use all the time. I want to share a few of our most commonly used online resources.

  1. RVDumps and SaniDumps.  These are the two dump station directories online. I’ve found that they contain almost identical information, so my vote goes to SaniDumps for their maps feature which overlays dump station icons on a Google Map. The icons are color-coded to help you identify free dump stations. The only thing missing is a nationwide map, as now the maps can only be viewed state-by-state.
  2. GasBuddy. Enter your location and find the cheapest gas in town. I’m constantly amazed at the tiny towns that they have price comparisons for. Hands down a winner. When you’re filling up a 55-gallon gas tank, a five-cent difference will buy you a gallon of milk.
  3. Finding boondocking sites. I usually just google “boondocking X”, where X is the place that I want to find a site. I also have a PDF directory of sites, but for real – the google thing works. Other ideas are calling up the local BLM or Forest Service office, or simply finding a gorgeous spot on a quiet road and calling it home.
  4. Baby sunblock. This one isn’t RV-specific, but after years of painful stinging eyes we recently switched to Banana Boat’s baby sunblock. It does the sunblocking thing without the sting. (A new tag line?) Try it. It’s worth the extra couple of bucks.

So that’s that. Nothing fancy, and stuff that a lot of you probably already know about. But if you’re not using any of the above three things, you’re missing out.

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7 responses

14 07 2011
Stumpy and me

Thanks for sharing! I love having new resources and had never heard of the dump sites.

Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

17 07 2011

I’m glad that you found something new here! Those dump station sites are fantastic.

14 07 2011

Thanks for sharing ,Yair.

14 07 2011

I never thought of trying #3. thanks

18 07 2011

It’s a lifesaver. An extra $1 per bottle is TOTALLY worth no stinging eyes!

22 07 2011

“they contain almost identical information” interesting, rvdumps lists about 2000 locations, sanidumps lists over 16,000, I guest they are almost identical

22 07 2011

Thanks for looking that up, although the snarky comment kind of offset the helpfulness. Every dump station that we’ve ever used has been listed on both sites, but as I wrote above, I do prefer sanidumps because of the mapping feature.

Where did you find the numbers? (I don’t see them anywhere obvious on the sites.)

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