Zen Reflections

22 07 2011

Yesterday officially sucked.  Notably, I didn’t complain about the day (during it) and tried not to place blame on anyone, as my current 30-day challenge (more on that another time) is not to blame or complain.  But I will allow myself a written venting and reflection.


  1. I get no real sleep on Wednesday night while we drive to the Denver airport from the boonies for a 4:30 am drop-off.
  2. I am scheduled to take 3 flights and travel for 14 hours to my PA destination.
  3. My second flight is delayed and I would have missed my connection, so I scrounge to get onto any other flight.
  4. I am placed on a Newark flight, meaning that I would need to drive 3 hours upon landing to reach my camp gig.  Said Newark flight is also delayed 3 hours.
  5. The car service is late and I wait in humid Newark.
  6. The car service (arranged by host camp) arrives, but I find out that they are charging $360 and fret for much of the ride that something is amiss.
  7. The car service gets incredibly lost and starts blaming me for wasting his time, even though I have nothing to do with the direction.
  8. The car service dumps me at other camp, who I convince to drive me to my camp gig.
  9. By the time I arrive after 10 pm and after 21 hours of traveling, the kids at my first camp have been dismissed, my program is canceled and the director (ominously) says that we’ll talk about the financials / business part tomorrow.
  10.  I haul it to my second camp for the evening program – totally frazzled by the day but especially by not being able to run my program at my first camp once I eventually made it there – and it is my first program that ever bombs.  (Not totally bombs, but compared to my usual level of rockingness.)  Scheduled start time is after midnight city time in a blistering hot room and I am told last minute that around half the audience is Israeli and doesn’t speak much English and I am supposed to do the whole program both in Hebrew and English.  Crap.  Eloquence and passion reduced to a scrambling high school level.
  11. I leave the program with the knowledge that the Israelis might not have gotten it all, that this is the first program I came out of knowing that it didn’t completely rock and feeling totally down on my own Hebrew – ironically confirming my desire to not want to live in Israel at the most Zionistic pro-aliyah camp that I have ever experienced.
  12. I come back to my bunk shared with two other (sleeping) girls, realize that I have no pillow and that my mattress is Israeli-style and shlunks in half.  I then look down and realize that my inner arms are beet red because it’s so hot and I’ve been scratching them all day because I’m stressed.


  1. Yair was a doll in driving me to the airport and dropping me off.  Our pre-departure snuggle was awesome, too.
  2. I got upgraded to first class on my first flight of the day for the first time ever.  The seats were huge, the breakfast was delicious and I felt super happy and cool.
  3. I waited around the Cincinnati airport so long that an empathetic flight agent gave me a $6 food voucher.
  4. While waiting, I met an interesting person who was traveling to Oslo and told me about the beautiful terrain there.
  5. I was booked a car service, where I was able to relax and sleep instead of trying to drive a rental car the three hours myself without directions.
  6. The car service had air conditioning and water.
  7. I made the good decision not to ride with the random guy from the Lake Como bar who offered to take me to Bnai Brith camp, even when my driver was about through with me.
  8. I was shown kindness and hospitality by the women of Camp Shoshanim, who ended up driving me to BBYO.
  9. I have my own room at Moshava.  Smaller than a walk-in closet, but still my own.
  10. I share a bathroom only with two other girls, there is internet at camp and my cell phone has reception.
  11. I took a wonderful shower last night.
  12. A few places in camp have air conditioning, a super-appreciated reprieve from the humid 95 degree weather.

I keep telling myself that I have a wonderful weekend to look forward to.  Hopefully the “aaahs” will outweight the “aarghs” as time goes on.

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4 responses

22 07 2011

Man what a day!!! Sending best possible “aaahhh” {{vibes}} your way. Nina

23 07 2011

At least you “didn’t go to sleep with gum in your mouth and wake up with gum in your hair” ( ala Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day)AND your horrible day is behind you.

Hope you are having a better one today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. . .

23 07 2011
Sam Morrow

Here is a big Sam hug.

When your felling down just remember your coming home soon. )*(

8 08 2011

The day definitely got better – thanks for the love!

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