One Year RV Anniversary: RV Video Tour and Where We’ve Been

26 07 2011

We are nearing in on our paper anniversary with Arvie,  and are planning a post to reflect on the incredible people we’ve met and places we’ve experienced over the past twelve months.  For now, here are some fun visuals…

First, the long-promised RV tour.  We actually recorded this thing way back in September ’10 before solar panels, funky decor and other improvements.  For some reason, we forgot about it until a month or two ago when we uploaded the baby to YouTube and slapped on some captions.  For those interested in a shorter indoor tour, skip to ~2:15.

Second, a map of where we’ve been in the RV.  For all of our adventures, we’ve only hit five states!  (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado)  That’s a little misleading since we spent February and March in Israel and visited other places like Atlanta, Cleveland, Seattle, New Orleans and New York by airplane.  But it gives us even more of a reason to keep RVing and exploring this beautiful country.

Click Me For A More Detailed / Interactive Map!

Click Me For A More Detailed / Zoom-able Map!

And The States We've Been To (By RV Or Plane)

And The States We've Been To (By RV Or Plane)

Here’s to another year of freedom, adventure and spreading goodness to all!

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4 responses

26 07 2011

You got the RV fever….and it is all gooood- Enjoy the future years.

26 07 2011

thanks for the video! can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

26 07 2011

I think your idea of traveling is perfect – there’s no reason to rush around the country! There is soooo much to see everywhere.

27 07 2011

Great video. I couldn’t even spot the teleprompter. 🙂 Excellent narration and professional videography.

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