The Most Welcome Gas Station In Nearly A Year On The Road

28 07 2011

[This is from a few weeks back. Also, Ayo wants me to add a disclaimer that I drop an f-bomb in this post. Okay then.]

So we’re on our way to Grand Junction and stop for the night at a gas station. There’s a huge dirt lot out back and a lot of semis are parked there. Good enough for us.

In the morning I wake up before Ayo and begin my day. I hear a bit of rain. No big deal.

Then… THUNK. What the fuck? THUNK! I look out the window and see monster hail. Think about a golf ball. Now think about a golf ball made out of ice. Then, drop it on your RV roof from thousands of feet up in the sky. Ouch.

I had heard enough stories of RV hail damage to know that we had to move. Our A/C is on the roof and has a hard plastic shell covering it. A flying golf ball of ice is more than enough to dent a car or crack our A/C cover. Engine on.

I quickly remember that the gas station we are near has a roof over the pumps. Time to gas up! Finally, we’re under the roof and the noise stops. All around us is wicked hail, rain, and wind. Inside it’s quiet, and I head into the gas station to stretch my legs.

Motorcyclists start to pull in, as does another RV and a guy towing a boat. We all start to exchange stories of our mad dashes for cover.

Arvie 1, Hailstorm 0

(Oh, by the way… I’m flying to New York today, and Ayo’s off to Wisconsin. Surprise!)

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2 responses

28 07 2011

Very happy you guys conquered that hail. That’s scary stuff in an RV!
We’re close to your old haunt right now…spending the week in Grand Junction. Nina

28 07 2011

Have a great time! There’s a nice climbing gym there if you guys want to try it out. They let us overnight in their lot, and the climbing was something like $10 for the day. (Screaming fast wifi, too!)

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