Meeting ‘Wandering Airstream’ And Heading West

22 08 2011

Contrary to every inclination to not haul ass across the country, over the past few days we’ve made our way from Denver to Salt Lake City and are on schedule to hit Reno by Wednesday or Thursday. Fortunately, the Denver –> Utah part of the trip is beautiful. I don’t expect Nowhere, NV to be as spectacular, but the Rockies are a pretty sweet backdrop for a 500 mile drive. They were even a nice backdrop for our tire blowout that left us stuck on the side of Highway 191 for a couple of hours on Friday.

Catch Ya' Later

Catch Ya Later

Our last taste of Denver was awesome, as we got to spend it with Tiffany and Sean from Wandering Airstream. We’ve read each others’ blogs for a while now, and it was super-fun to turn an e-friend into a real-life friend yet again. It was so cool to see Camp 1899 – the gutting and rebuilding (by Sean) of their 528 square foot house from the late 19th century.

Yes, I'm About To Eat Penelope

Yes, I'm About To Eat Penelope

Tiff and Sean were great. We parked in their yard for a night and hung out over fantastic Thai food and Sean’s grilled veggies. If we’re back in town, we’ll for sure hit them up again.

So as I wrote above, we’re in Salt Lake City now. Since Edwards, CO we’ve been caravanning with Sam and Tracy from Zen Nomads. They are close friends from Burning Man last year, and we’ve driven the last ~550 miles with them. It’s been fun to share dinner and drinks with friends and to have our separate homes traveling alongside one-another. They stopped with us for a rock climbing excursion and we shared 20-minutes-apart tire blowouts. Fun times.

Climbing On The Way To Utah

Climbing On The Way To Utah

Off toward Reno in a day or two.

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26 08 2011

love our rocking out photo! wish you were in it to ayo!! (;

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