One Year RVing Anniversary: The People We’ve Met, The Places We’ve Seen and Photos

29 08 2011

It’s hard to believe that we have called Arvie home for an entire year!  This post lists some of our 2010-2011 highlights grouped by season as we reminisce about the incredible people we’ve met and places we’ve been over the past twelve months.  Today we leave for Burning Man to connect, create, enthrall, relax and start making new memories for the coming year!

*Apologies in advance to anyone / anything we missed, as this is an off-the-cuff list!  Scroll to the bottom for a slide show with photos.


August 2010:  On The Way To Burning Man In Our New RV

  1. Buying an RV(!)
  2. Exploring San Bernardino National Forest and the Miss Clementine Pageant
  3. Finding Apple Valley’s cooling center and crashing a karaoke birthday party
  4. Watching the Perseids from the base of Mt. Whitney
  5. First time at Burning Man and with Camp Nomadia

Friends and faces:  Yasamin, Sam & Tracy, Chris & Cherie, Sarge, Zvi, Dawn, Raven & Rayna

September, October and November 2010: Reno, Nevada

  1. Being adopted by Temple Emanu-El
  2. Training at Never Enough Ballroom
  3. Hiking and climbing in the Virginia Range, and planting our first geocache
  4. Installing solar panels and the harrowing journey over Donner Pass

Friends and faces:  Judy & Steve, Suzanne & Gary, John & Parinaz, Sagan, Jahlysa & Jeffrey Lynne, Mikel & Irene, Ray & Michelle…

December 2010 and January 2011: Los Angeles

  1. Volunteering at the Swing Dance US Open
  2. Training at Gymnastics Olympica
  3. Hiking in Arcadia

Friends and faces: Jimmy & Lucas of North Hollywood, Tamar & Gabe of G.O., Bootcamp with Jimmy H., LA Visit from Ayo’s parents, RV dates with Glenn of To Simplify, Hanging with Jolly Josh & Tess of Sherman Oaks, Shani & Shawn and the Ren Faire Folks

February, March and April 2011: Israel and Exploring The Southwest

  1. Leading Birthright Israel Outdoors and our road trip to Eilat
  2. Bouldering and hitchhiking at Joshua Tree, our first National Park
  3. Mecca, California and the open-armed hospitality of Ignacia y Tomas
  4. Slab City and hula hooping in the “Last Free Place in America
  5. Yuma, Arizona and biking to Mexico to visit the dentist
  6. Atlanta, Georgia and the Passover retreat at Ramah Darom 

Friends and faces: The Birthright Crew (Steph, Aaron, Sara, Dror, Max, etc.), Visiting HT and Shimon in Eilat, Kayak Dov, Dinette of Yucca Valley, Biking travelers Claudio & Anina, JTree Buddies Josh & Aaron and Our Phoenix Adoptive Family The Storches

May, June and July 2011: Arizona, Utah and Colorado

  1. The launch of Astro on the Road and continuation of the Faces of Israel tour
  2. Camp Jitterbug and our visit to Seattle
  3. Seeing more of the country’s natural beauty in Arizona and Utah’s National Parks, and getting spotted by reader Karly
  4. Best Friends Animal Society, Mormon land and 85-octane gasoline
  5. Slot canyons and mulberry picking
  6. Summitting Mount Elbert and our first fourteener
  7. The LDS Tabernacle Choir and Salt Lake City

Friends and faces:  Matt and Bree of Tally-Ho, Diana of Life on the Open Road, Sedona visit from Yair’s siblings, Ranger Lori & Ian of the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff’s Chabad Rabbi, Doug of Punk Astronomy, Tiffany and Sean of Wandering Airstream

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12 responses

29 08 2011

Every journey starts with one small step and you are doing it right.
We are on our 10th RV summer trip ,and it is hard to believe how much we saw in Canada& USA.
Will do it as long as we can.

19 09 2011

10th summer?! Wow, that’s amazing.

Remind me: Where in Israel are you based?

30 08 2011

Congratulations on your first anniversary! You did a lot over 12 months!

Here is to many more years of travel for you… We are just starting our 3rd year now, and it feels like we are just starting!

John and Judy

19 09 2011

Thanks for the congrats, and hope to meet up with you guys on the road some time soon!

30 08 2011


19 09 2011

Thanks, Yoni!

30 08 2011
Barbara Morgan

Isn’t it amazing how much you’ve done in just a year? It’s so different than just living on the weekends. Congratulations for having the ‘chutzpa’ to follow your own path.

19 09 2011

Thanks, Barbara! Even if/when I go back to volunteering, non-profits and more conventional life, I hope to take with me some of the interest, passion and other perspective of this past year. It’s certainly been an adventure!

30 08 2011

Wow, you’ve done a lot in a year – I know you’ll have just as wonderful a time in your second year. Enjoyed meeting you guys – you are really special.

19 09 2011

Thanks for the love, Diana! We really enjoyed meeting you guys as well. I hope to hike or yoga or dine or just meet up together some time soon! 🙂

6 09 2011

Congrats on your anniversary! Lots of fabulous memories in those shots!

19 09 2011

Thanks, Nina! It’s amazing how much can fit into one year. Even just pairing down the possible photos / memories was such a challenge that we upped the slide show from 2 minutes to almost 5. Good times 🙂

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