Goodbye, Burning Man 2011

7 09 2011

There is no Burn like your first, and as much as I knew what to expect going in to this year’s Burning Man, I’m surprised to write that my experience this year was even better than last.

We left Black Rock City yesterday, spending our morning with the few members of Camp Nomadia who stayed late, and passing through a short stretch of California on our way to Oregon. I enjoyed watching the terrain change from flat and dry desert to green and forested mountains, and I’m excited to spend time in the northwest.

A Fun Costume At The Burn

A Fun Costume At The Burn

Over the next couple of days we’ll be making our way through Crater Lake National Park and a number of National Forests, passing through Eugene and Salem on our way to Portland.

Burning Man rocked. Maybe I’ll share more in the days to come.

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8 09 2011

Looks like you guys had a blast at BM! Also looks like we’ll be crossing paths again, albeit at a distance. We just left Portland and are headed down the coast, then to Eugene then Crater Lake and then (finally) SW for winter. We’re taking our time on the coast from Astoria down and will be in Eugene by the end of Sept if you happen to be close.

8 09 2011

Oh, man. We’re on our way to Portland and will be hitting Eugene in late September. As for Crater Lake, that’s our plan for tomorrow!

Maybe the southwest this winter will work out. We should be in San Fran in late November. You?

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