Fruit: Inspected And Found

10 09 2011


On our way from Burning Man to Oregon we passed through a small chunk of northeast California. And the state tried to steal our fruit.

We’ve been through a few “Agricultural Inspection Stations” during our travels and have always been waved through. Perhaps it was because he didn’t see much through traffic, but the guy manning the tiny station that we passed through on our way to California stopped us to ask if we had any fruit. Innocuous question, no?

I generously disclosed our three delicious Fuji apples and the guy asked to see them. What? It turned out that they were from Chile and that California doesn’t allow foreign-grown apples into the state. Undeterred, I demanded the opportunity to return to Oregon and eat the apples, and the fruit policeman obliged – on condition that he see the cores when we’re done. Whatever.

Found In Confiscated Fruit

Found In Confiscated Fruit

The guy invited us to his office, as he was eager to show us some of the disgusting things that he has found in confiscated fruit. We saw the larvae and worms, and he insisted that he doesn’t eat any of the fruit, but I’m nevertheless pretty skeptical that apples grown in the United States are any better than foreign-grown. Sounds protectionist to me.

Found Fruit

When we got to Klamath Falls, Oregon and hit the local museum for the last two minutes of their open hours we were told that we should go check out the town’s namesake falls.

Fast-forward an hour and we were on a lazy three-mile trail meandering along a river. We quickly found some small fruits on a tree, and after smelling the fruit’s flesh Ayo bravely took a bite. Plum! A few more minutes on the trail and we struck more gold: blackberries!

The Few Remaining Wild Plums

The Few Remaining Wild Plums

My stopping every five minutes to restock on blackberries irked Ayo enough that she joined some runners for the last mile of trail, but I finished off the day with a collection of sweet plums that lasted until this evening.

California Dept. Of Agriculture: 0

Us: 3 rescued apples, and some wild plums and blackberries.

Take that!

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