Crater Lake National Park

12 09 2011


We only stopped at Crater Lake because I saw on the map that we would be driving right by it. I saw a couple of photos of the beautiful lake, but I was a bit skeptical about a national park whose main attraction was a body of water.



Man, was I wrong. Crater Lake is totally deserving of the protection and prestige that national park designation provides. The color, size, story, and setting of the lake make the body of water a real national treasure.

Super Clear Water

Super Clear Water

A Bit More Than Just A Lake, No?

A Bit More Than Just A Lake, No?

The lake aside, we picked up three hitchhikers on our way into the park. They were Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers, and their dedication to the long distance trail reinvigorated my desire to do something similar.

Greetings from Eugene, Oregon. Heading to Portland this evening.

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5 responses

12 09 2011

“Damn” pretty much summed it up.

Gonna have to add Crater Lake to the must “check out” places.

13 09 2011

Good move!

13 09 2011

Wow that’s amazing, I really want to travel out there – have heard great things about Portland too, not sure if you guys are there yet, check out some of their veg restaurants for me!

13 09 2011

Check the blog later this evening 🙂

19 09 2011

definitely on our “to-do” list!! great photos (;
we picked up hitchhikers in nederaland recently and i asked if they hitched often, and couldn’t believe we had picked them up on their very first time trying it!!

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