Good-Smelling Strangers

15 09 2011

Earlier this week, Yair and I went for a bike ride in Eugene.  Yair was biking faster than me, and a sizeable distance grew between us.  All of a sudden, some dude in his 40s passed me on his bike.  He smelled SO good.

I have lately become lax in my self-censorship and – before I consciously processed my thoughts – I found myself saying “Wow, you smell so good!” out loud and increasing my bike speed to catch up with him and stay near the yummy smell.

My saving grace was that he totally didn’t hear me and was completely unaware of my presence because – if I biked by and some guy told me that I smelled great and started chasing me on his bike – I would be thoroughly freaked out!

Oops.  🙂

The Bike Trail Leads To the Super Gorgeous Willamette River

The Bike Trail Leads To The Super Gorgeous Willamette River

One Side of the Bridge is Calm, The Other Side Rapids - This Photo Doesn't Do It Justice

One Side Of The Bridge Is Calm, The Other Side Is Rapids - This Photo Doesn't Do It Justice

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17 09 2011

I have also been accused of lacking self-censorship. I call them ‘blurts.’ Eugene is a great place for sure. I don’t think we’ll be going there this trip since we’re planning on hugging the coast. We’re in Tillamook now, next is Newport, then North Bend. However things could change if the weather doesn’t get more acceptable. I like how both of you write in the blog. good diversity.

19 09 2011

Thanks, Barbara. But now you’ve teased me. What are these blurts of yours? Story, please. 🙂

17 09 2011

I don’t know why my comment didn’t show as being from me. I must have done something wrong.


18 09 2011
Rebekah Moses

LOL that’s too funny, whatever it takes to motivate you ;)!! Great pics!! Love your guys blog!

19 09 2011

Thanks, Rebekah! Looking forward to seeing you this winter if we make it to Fresno! xo

19 09 2011
Early Retirement Extreme

Might have been the WD-40 from his bike? 😀

19 09 2011

Ha! Possible, though unlikely.

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