15 09 2011

Some people don’t need structure in their daily lives to feel focused, energized and content.  I do.  I don’t think of it as a weakness, but I acknowledge that my most “life-high” days are ones where I wake up with some sort of plan.

Volunteering and improving the space around me are core values of mine, perhaps the most important values.

However, I have experienced a hard entry barrier to volunteering due to our nomadity.  For example, when Yair and I were in Klamath Falls, I contacted (and even visited!) six different senior homes and hospitals and inquired about volunteering in any capacity.  Each institution required a background check that would have taken over a month, even if I just wanted to visit some of the seniors in a public lobby.

Upon Yair’s encouragement, I researched a handful of Portland-based social service organizations and narrowed down my picks to four non-profits that focus on reducing homelessness, getting people back on their feet or providing key social services in some way.  I will be finalizing my selection in the coming days, and am excited to jump in and begin meaningful volunteer work at least a couple of days each week for the next month and a half.

I don’t have any photographs related to volunteering, but I did find a few more phone pictures from Burning Man.  Enjoy!

An Awesome and Creative Soda Top Dress

An Awesome and Creative Soda Top Dress

A Sea of Jelly Fish

A Sea of Jelly Fish

El Wire Man

El Wire Man

The Temple at Sunrise

The Temple at Sunrise

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