I Have Something To Offer

21 09 2011

So far I’ve had pretty good luck finding climbing partners on the road. I’ve managed to convince Ayo to sporadically climb with me, found a climbing buddy through Couchsurfing, and found another guy at the local climbing spot in Eugene.

I want to be climbing very regularly here, and I posted a Craigslist ad offering anyone interested the opportunity to climb outdoors and on rock. Climbing shoes suggested but not necessary.

The response has been staggering, which led to a realization: People want to climb big rocks, and outdoor climbing isn’t the most accessible sport. A little while ago I was one of those people who would have been begging a climber to take me out. I’m still a novice climber, but now that I have experience and gear climbing is something that I can offer.

The Columns, Eugene's Climbing Spot Minutes From Downtown

The Columns, Eugene's Climbing Spot Minutes From Downtown

Earlier this week I climbed with Josh, who I taught anchor building and self-rescue techniques. Next week I’ll be climbing with a 23-year-old guy named Ian – “If you’re willing to train, I’m eager to climb and will do anything!”

Really, Ian? Anything?

Update: Ian’s schedule has been tough to work around, but I’ve climbed with a beginner named Dylan, and with Dan, a 53-year-old guy who is just getting back into climbing after a hiatus from some seriously intense big wall climbs. Dan’s my guy. He’s teaching me a lot and we’re climbing at around the same level.

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21 09 2011

I am really happy for you. I saw how much fun you were having while climbing. And now finding that is something that you can share and give back, is amazing.

Have fun and be safe.
Big Sam

21 09 2011

Thanks, Sam! It really has been a lot of fun being able to climb in different places around the country, and I’m glad that you guys came along near Grand Junction.

23 09 2011

Matt and I have not gear, and it’s been a long time since he’s climbed…and even longer since I have. BUT WE’RE IN! We will plan it when we are in Eugene in October. 🙂

26 09 2011

Oh hell yeah. You’re on. When do you come to Eugene?

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