Food for Lane County / Harvesting

22 09 2011

Since we arrived in Oregon we have spent a good chunk of time seeking out volunteer opportunities. In the process we have been frustrated by the lack of short-term volunteering options. This is a structural problem in the non-profit world and someone could do a lot of good by working to fix it.

At a few nonprofits it struck me that the recruitment and management of volunteers was mismanaged. Then we encountered Food For Lane County, and it was quickly apparent that they were an agency with a valuable mission (“To alleviate hunger by creating access to food”) and that they worked to fulfill that mission in a highly effective and efficient manner. A significant part of their operation relies on volunteers and they manage their volunteer program very well.

Ayo Sorting (Delicious) Apples

Ayo Sorting (Delicious) Apples

We’ve jumped in at FFLC, harvesting crops at their farms and helping to package and sort through the massive amount of food they receive on a daily basis. Earlier this week we divided 720 pounds of dried pineapple into family size portions, recovered hundreds of hot dogs from a local football game, and sorted hundreds of pounds of frozen goods.

As I write this Ayo is getting ready to bike over to FFLC where she’ll be interviewing the volunteer coordinator and shadowing the chef. I’ll be joining her later this evening for a few hours of volunteering.

Added RVer bonus: They have showers for employees and volunteers!

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22 09 2011
Brenda Auch

That sounds like a great program! You guys rock for making this a part of your adventure. It’s very inspiring. 🙂

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