Faerieworlds Harvest Celebration 2011

26 09 2011

Last weekend we were in downtown Eugene looking at some signs on a lamppost when a security guard approached us… to tell us that we should really check out this Faerieworlds thing that was happening on Sunday. He was working security there and promised us that it would be fun – AND – he knew where we could get free tickets. Score.

Welcome To Faerieworlds

Welcome To Faerieworlds

Alas, the free tickets place had none left, but they gave us free tickets to the Friday show and told us to try and use them for Sunday. Not knowing much about this whole Faerieworlds thing, we show up at Mount Pisgah on Sunday to find that we need to shell out $16 a-piece for tickets and $30 for parking. Then we find a really, really nice security guard – not the one that we had met! – who gives us free entry passes to the festival (the Friday ones didn’t work) and a pass for free parking. It pays to have a cute girl around.

Faerieworlds was a fun experience. Once I had my fill from the blackberry bushes that were all over the place, we went through the gates and were transported to the realm of mythical beasts and Middle Earth. People were dressed (and not) as magical and ethereal creatures and there were a lot of gothic fonts around. Bands at the main stage played Celtic music and Ayo began learning how to juggle at a jestering area.

Juggling Fairy!

Juggling Fairy!

Love It

Love It

Most importantly, The Divine Cupcake had a stand there and they sell some pretty divine vegan cupcakes. Not bad for a last-minute Sunday evening affair.

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26 09 2011

And we found a great new (local) band, Woodland, with fun music. Who knew I liked Celtic melodies… 🙂

26 09 2011

Love the fairy outfit! No wonder they let you in free. Do you think you’ll ever want to leave Eugene?

26 09 2011

Secret news: We’re in Portland now 🙂

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