New Experiences: Volunteering And Veganism

27 09 2011

It’s not that I hadn’t volunteered before Food For Lane County, but to say that volunteering was part of who I am (was?) would have been incorrect. Fast forward to the present, and I can confidently say that I find volunteering – at least at FFLC – immensely rewarding. At FFLC it’s easy to see the measurable difference that my volunteering makes, and I believe in the organization’s mission. On top of that, the volunteering itself is fun!

But on a more meta level, this experience has changed my outlook on how I want to spend my time. I’m not interested in being a full-time volunteer, but I am pretty sure that I want volunteering to be a relatively constant thread throughout my life. Change number one.

And veganism. Our thirty day experiment isn’t over yet, but it’s been surprisingly easy to not eat animal products. I’m not sure that I have a real problem with eating some animal products, but I’m leaning pretty strongly toward avoiding eating animals even after our experiment is up. That’s another thing that I never would have expected. Change number two.

I wonder what change number three is going to be.

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27 09 2011

I love you.

27 09 2011

Interesting that the almost-month of veganism has changed your outlook on eating meat already. Would you say it’s a moral thing? About feeling healthier? Other?

28 09 2011

Mostly morality, with a side of health.

Seeing how easy it was to not eat animal products made the moral argument stand out. Once I thought more about the morality of eating animals it became clear that even if it were tougher to abstain from meat, the moral argument would still be compelling.

Health in the sense that veganism seriously limits the amount of impulse eating that I can do.

28 09 2011

so happy! loved reading this (from a fellow vegan) i think it’s awesome you guys even tried it, and to go forth with it, in whatever way you choose is really great. we know lots of good products if you ever need any recommendations!! (; *tiffany*

13 10 2011

Thanks for the love! Being friends with you and other vegans shows us that the lifestyle is doable.

I can’t wait until the next time we’re together and can cook up a storm in our rigs!

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