Okay, We’re Back In Portland: Parking, Time Outdoors, And Food

28 09 2011

Ayo had a speaking engagement in Portland on Saturday night, so this weekend we made our way back up to Portland. And things are going way better than last time. Our first night in town we were able to park at a local synagogue, and after we found out that longer-term parking there wouldn’t work, we tried asking at a church next door.

To sum up our interaction with the church, they apologized a good number of times for not having a dump station. They spent time calling around to different facility managers until they found us an outlet to plug into, and invited us to use their kitchen, bathrooms, and disc golf course (!). We’ve been really grateful for their hospitality and had a couple of interesting religious experiences as well. First, one of the most active church members is learning Hebrew and was proud to recite for us the first chapter of Genesis in Hebrew. (The entire first chapter.) Second, we got “the chosen people”-ed again. As in, “It’s an honor to be able to do something for one of the chosen people.” Whoah.

Anyway, we jumped in on Portland and went to the Sunday Parkways event where a few miles of streets and parks are turned into event spaces. Ayo took an intense outdoor Zumba class where she out-Zumba’ed the instructor and I got my bike lubed up at a free repair tent and was gifted a basket of tomatoes from a local who took interest in our RV. Check out this kid picking up some moves from Ayo, particularly around 36 seconds in.

Separately, we’ve also dove into the vegan food scene here. Vita Cafe served up a delicious club sandwich, supergrain salad and fries, Back To Eden Bakery somehow put together a really good PB&J vegan cheesecake, and earlier this evening we hit up Laughing Planet for an awesome “Che Guevara” burrito and double-chocolate cookie.

Vegan Snacking At Laughing Planet In Portland

Vegan Snacking At Laughing Planet In Portland

Combine that with a five-mile downhill bike ride into town and a free bus ride back and I’d say that we’ve had a sweet time so far.

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