Ayo Has A New Party Trick

3 10 2011

Ayo got bored practicing her backbends, so she created something that she dubbed “spider walking”.  Ayo picked the bulk grains aisle of Eugene’s Kiva Market as the place to show it to me, which prompted a nearby hipster to give it a go himself (mostly fail).

Let me know how your attempt goes, if you dare to try it.

posted by yair




4 responses

3 10 2011
Early Retirement Extreme

Hahaha! I can’t believe you’re using Daler Mehndi for the soundtrack. Pure genius.

3 10 2011
Early Retirement Extreme

Gah! Foiled by youtube. I was commenting on the wrong video.

3 10 2011

We’re pretty into bhangra, so sadly we didn’t use Daler Mendhi as a backing. You know that you can still comment on the video, though 🙂

4 10 2011

Very impressive. Even more impressive is that she could get up again. Oh, to be young. Who am I kidding, i couldn’t do that when I was young!

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