What’s Your Morning Routine?

9 10 2011

As far as adult humans go, I’m a pretty happy person… but I don’t do mornings.  Once I am awake, out of bed and have started my day, I’m fine and don’t even need coffee.  But the two minute to one hour period of deciding to get up and actually doing it royally stinks and – even if I don’t show it – I’m definitely grumpy inside.  I would love to have a cheery, wonderful morning and be one of those perky people who jumps to start a new exciting day.

I'd Like To Say That This Is Sunrise, But We Haven't Really Been Awake For Those

I'd Like To Say That This Is Sunrise, But We Haven't Really Been Awake For Those

So I turn to you:  Whether coffee, stretching, showers, singing, reading the newspaper or whatever else, what is your morning routine?  And does it make you happy?

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9 10 2011
Brenda Auch

Hello fellow non-morning person. 😉 I feel very fortunate that I only have one day a week that I must get up early. That one day (Sunday) is rough on me. My usual routine is wake up slowly in bed, kind of drifting in and out for up to an hour. Sometimes much less than that, just depends. Then I try to stretch before getting out of bed. Once up and moving it’s coffee time! I simply must have my two cups first thing. Then no more coffee for the day. While drinking my coffee I check e-mails, blogs, facebook , whatever. Then it’s time for my daily writing, three pages handwritten of whatever pops into my head. I save the writing till after computer stuff to give my brain a chance to wake up more. Once all that’s done I’m good to go. But doing all that means I rarely get an early start on much of anything.

On Sundays I don’t have the luxury of all that waking up time. Once the alarm goes off I have to be out of bed within about ten minutes and get ready for work right away. It sucks. Throws my whole day off kilter. But it is what it is and things could be much worse so I’m not really complaining! 🙂

13 10 2011

Awesome wake-up routine! I especially like the stretching in bed thing – it sounds yummy.

I hope that you won’t have to adhere to the early AM Sunday routine for too much longer, but hopefully the contrast helps you really appreciate the other 6 mornings of luxury. Do you ever review the handwritten writings?

9 10 2011

Early morning minyan!

13 10 2011

Haha, of course! Have long have you been doing daily minyan? Is that something that you started as a child and kept up?


9 10 2011

7 mo. old baby wakes me up at 7 a.m. and I count the minutes until she goes down for her nap so I can crawl back into bed…. my mornings have always involved swearing at the alarm clock, much groaning, and on my days “off”, hours of sitting quietly with coffee and newspaper. I am verrrryyyy slow to get going in the morning, but could stay up all night no problem….

13 10 2011

Oh, poor thing! I appreciate the honesty and your late morning naps must be absolutely delicious. Hopefully Nathan picks up the slack every now and then to give you a lie-in. 🙂

If we ever actually meet up, we’ll make it a late night party (I’m also a night owl) and get the boys to do wake up duty in the AM!

10 10 2011

I always wanted to be a morning person, but by this time have resigned myself to the fact that I never will be and just deal with it. 🙂

13 10 2011

Realism is a good quality. I’m sure that Ron loves you for the non-morning-person that you are! 🙂

11 10 2011

like frugalveganmom, i’ve got no reason to use an alarm since my day starts around 5am with at least one of the two kids awake and ready for some breakfast and/or attention. luckily, i’ve always been a morning person but i think part of the trick for anyone to do well at waking up early, whether they’re a morning bird or not, is to not have another choice. if you have the option to lie in bed for another hour, obviously you’ll take it because, as a general rule, sleeping in is enjoyable. if you wake up (from kids crying, from alarm, or just on your own) and know that for whatever reason you need to get up immediately, then you don’t have to play the game in your head of fighting about whether to open your eyes or not. you just do it and then it’s behind you.

13 10 2011

Hmm, that’s an interesting thought. Though I hope that whatever wakes me up in the mornings is more-often-than-not exciting. (e.g. Waking up for a hike vs. waking up to commute to the financial district)

I never knew that you were a morning person. Weird. You’re just awake and happy in the AMs?

Two kids sounds complicated. There must be a reason that most people are biologically designed to start with one. 🙂 xo

11 10 2011

As the sun gently rises, bathing the country with it’s first light, warming the air, bringing to life the smells of the morning and awakening the birds that fill the air with their exultation…

My window slams shut amid a litany of profanity. Mornings suck.

13 10 2011

Hahahahaha, this is awesome! I love.

12 10 2011

i am a morning person, but the most ideal morning, waking up naturally, laying in bed for a few minutes, a steaming hot latte, a little computer “fun” time and then off and running. HOWEVER, for sure, what makes a morning the absolute best as a must have.. no alarm clock, always a natural wake-up, without this it seems more pressed. (so if you can go sans alarm, it might make them better for you!)

13 10 2011

Agreed. I love waking up slowly and of my own volition though – if I don’t have anything specific to wake up for like a run or a scheduled volunteer opportunity – I tend to sleep much more than I actually need to.

Unrelated, you guys should run Christmas lights in San Diego so that we can all do New Year’s together! 🙂

14 10 2011
Dave and Lorna

I find the morning the most beautiful time of the day. My internal clock usually wakes me between 4 and 5 am every morning, and most mornings I love it.

16 10 2011

Between 4 and 5 am? Wow.

When is bedtime for you guys?

18 10 2011

ugh, wake up anywhere bt five thirty and six thirty; i tempt myself out of bed with the thought of coffee and my headphones and seeing my students. sad facts.

12 11 2011

Between 5:30 and 6:30?! Is that really necessary? My God, woman, I feel for you.

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