On Top Of A Mountain With Friends: An RVer Moment

19 10 2011

Last week, I went hiking to the top of Eugene’s Mount Pisgah with Matt of TallyHo and Nina of Wheeling It and had a very RVer conversation…

Ayo, Matt and Nina Atop Mount Pisgah

Ayo, Matt and Nina Atop Mount Pisgah

Couple standing next to us: You guys from around here?

We look at each other and smile.  “Nope!”

Traveling all together?


Well, where are you headed?

“Down the coast.” “Sticking around Eugene.” “Palm Springs, California.”

Awesome!  And where are you guys from, anyway?

More smiles.  “San Diego.”  “New York.”  “Denmark.”

A classic RVer moment.  Meeting up with other (blogging) travelers is a lot of fun, and the hike wasn’t too shabby, either!

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4 responses

19 10 2011

I wish we were there too…

12 11 2011

Aww, enjoy Israel and maybe we can meet up on the road when you’re back in May!

20 10 2011

Very cool to have spent time with you in the area. Can’t wait to check-in again in San Diego!

12 11 2011

Ditto. And it’s been fun following your blog these past few weeks because you are somewhat tracing the route that Yair and I took in our first month or two of RVing. Memories… 🙂

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