Museums, Shades of Pink, and a Hockey Game

24 10 2011

This past week we visited two University of Oregon museums: one of natural and cultural history, and the other of art. The art museum was impressive, but was also more traditional, whereas the natural and cultural history museum was more hands-on and interactive. For example, I got to play with a science-explaining marionette at the history museum.

Yair With A Marionette

Yair With A Marionette

We also made masks at an exhibit about masks and costumes.

The Result Of An Interactive Art Exhibit

The Result Of An Interactive Art Exhibit

The art museum was divided into a number of galleries. I particularly enjoyed the Chinese art, along with the photo below. (Sorry… cell phone camera. You may have some better luck if you click on the photo and expand it.)

We Loved This Photo

We Loved This Photo

Later in the week we attended a Eugene Generals hockey game, where we only realized after we had bought the tickets and arrived that we were attending a youth league game. There was a pretty intense fight mid-game, which led us to spend some time rink-side reading this really interesting Wikipedia article.

At The Eugene Generals Game

At The Eugene Generals Game

We also spent some time this week at a breast cancer awareness event, where we learned a lot, enjoyed giveaways and fun games, and hung out with friends.

Ayo With Pink Hair

Ayo With Pink Hair

Not a bad couple of days.

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25 10 2011
Sam Morrow

Love the pink!!! Miss you both.

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