Stuff We Should Have Gotten Forever Ago

1 11 2011

Fourteen months into RVing, Yair and I have finally picked up some ‘extra’ items that in retrospect seem more like staples.

Here is a short list of this month’s purchases that fall under the category of Stuff We Should Have Gotten Forever Ago:

1.  Real pillows.  Over the past year, our sofa throw pillows have doubled as our night time pillows and – my God – what a luxury real pillows are!  We purchased fluffy pillows from the local Walmart at $4 a pop, where they came in the very American size of ‘HUGE’.

2.  Food Processor / Blender.  Granted, we don’t usually run our generator or have an electric plug-in, but life (and our culinary repertoire) is sweeter with the addition of a food processor to our kitchen.

3.  Bikes.  Yes, technically we owned bicycles.  But why suffer through ill-fitted, Burning Man-beaten, almost rusted second-hand bikes when you can buy an affordable bike for $50 more that will make you feel light as a feather and fast as a cheetah?  Okay, maybe not quite as fast as a cheetah, but getting a bike that fits, and has shock absorbers and gears that don’t scream at you every time you change them makes a huge difference.

4.  Wicker Basket.  This is a small item, but we’ve had our dried fruits and nuts hidden away in the pantry and barely accessed them until we scooped up a wicker basket for the corner of our kitchen and organized them there.  Both are now regulars in our diet.

5.  iPod Speakers.  We picked this baby up last week.  Yair is digging the improved sound of the music and quality of the bass, and I’m just happy to have mobile speakers for hooping and park excursions.

Massive, Fluffy, Awesome Pillows - My Head Is VERY Happy

Massive, Fluffy, Awesome Pillows - My Head Is VERY Happy

My New Bike!

My New Bike!

A Handy Wicker Basket For Dried Fruits and Nuts

A Handy Wicker Basket For Dried Fruits and Nuts

Moral of the story:  Be smart about purchases, but not overly stingy.  Quality of life is super important and $4 pillows are not a splurge!  🙂

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4 responses

1 11 2011

I ponder, daily, whether there is going to be room/need for my juicer and blender (How does one live without smoothies, every day???). You give me hope.

Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

3 11 2011

If we ever cross paths on the road, I’ll make ya some smoothies on the house! 🙂

3 11 2011

Do you always park overnight in camp sites and pay? Or do you often find free places to stay the night?

3 11 2011

Always free, never campsites. Occasionally, we will choose to camp in national parks or forest, but we haven’t paid for (or really used) an RV park during our 14 months on the road.

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