Glassblowing, Jack O’ Lanterns, and Partying

2 11 2011

We’ve been keeping pretty busy recently:


Holy crap this was cool. Studio West is a glassblowing studio in the artsy district of Eugene’s downtown. They (brilliantly) have their large workspace as a roped off area in the studio, and on Fridays they provide seating in their lobby area for people interested in watching artists at work. Using a 2,200 degree furnace. Sweet.

In Case The Furnace And Reheating Area Weren't Hot Enough...

In Case The Furnace And Reheating Area Weren't Hot Enough...

Jack O’ Lanterns

We also spent some time volunteering at the “Jack O’ Lanterns on Broadway” event, a fundraiser for an organization called Sheltercare. They do great work with the homeless and put on a fun event for children and adults. The event had lots of entertainment, including thousands of carved jack o’ lanterns, live carving of a gignormous pumpkin, bands, and kid-friendly stuff. Our friend Corey met us there to teach me some Devil Stick tricks, and we got to wear cool orange vests while we volunteered.

Impressive Carving Skills!

Impressive Carving Skills!


We went out to an awesome party on Saturday night. ‘Nuff said.


We have had a camera crew following us around for the past two days. Seriously.

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2 11 2011

Love glass blowing…coolest thing ever!! And a film crew eh? Can’t wait to hear that story!

2 11 2011
Frugal Vegan Mom

Oh c’mon, let’s see some party pics!

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