Climbing At The Callahans

4 11 2011

Another 5:00 AM wakeup. This time the drive was only two hours, but we had an hour of hiking to do before we would get to the climbing area. Weyerhauser has for years graciously allowed climbers onto its property ~20 miles west of Roseburg, and the crag there is quite civilized: well-signed hiking trails, signs identifying different rock formations, and even communal wire brushes for clearing lichen off of dirty rock.

Enjoying The Vista

Enjoying The Vista

Even with the book for the area and lots of signage we couldn’t quite figure out where we landed up at first. We thought that it was in a popular area with beginner / warm-up routes, so I hopped on what I thought was an easy 5.6 friction climb. The relatively unremarkable climb went smoothly, although it had a solidly tricky move or two… which made sense when we later figured out that it was a more challenging route that I had planned for later in the day.

Gaping Ape Rock

Gaping Ape Rock

The views at The Callahans were expansive and beautiful, and one climb – Paradigm Shift, 5.9 – provided not only an endless variety of fun moves, but also topped out on Turtle Rock, which offered a panoramic view of the valley 2,000′ below and the Cascade Range tens of miles away.

On My Way Down!

On My Way Down!

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A good time.

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4 11 2011

I love the top photo. Gorgeous.

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