Wine Country

13 11 2011

Ayo wanted to check out California’s wine country on our way out of Sacramento, so on Friday we drove down to the Delta area and tasted some lovely (and some less-than-lovely) wines at two wineries. In the process we picked up a bottle of semi-sweet and befriended a group of fun folks from Sacramento.


Arriving In Wine Country

Making Plans At Scribner

Making Plans At Scribner

Here’s how the tastings work: You walk in and and are offered a ‘tasting menu’ of about ten wines. Someone in fancy clothing behind a counter made of some kind of expensive wood gives you a glass and explains that you can taste up to six wines.

While talking about fruity flavors and spices that you’ve never heard of outside of a wine label, they fill the bottom of your cup. You do some swirly thing and take a nice deep breath, taking a sip and letting air flow over the wine on your tongue. You pretend to analyze the flavors – while letting a light buzz set in if you’re a lightweight like Ayo – and then buy a bottle because, of course, it was “marvelous.”

Following the wine tasting, we managed to squeeze in a visit to Ayo’s old college friend Vi and caught up on our Sunday Puzzle podcasts. We are now in the East Bay where we’ll be based for the next week, and are excited to explore San Francisco and meet up with some blog readers. Details to come!

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13 11 2011

I can’t get enough of the pink hair. Really looking forward to seeing more of it in person.

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