Looking Better With Age: A Side Effect of Mini-Retirement

16 11 2011

It’s a bit weird for me to look back on our wedding photos. Contrary to how many people feel about their own body evolution (“Would I ever fit into that wedding dress now?”) I think that we are both in better shape and generally look better today. A large factor is our not working and having a significant amount time to be active.

When I was working on Wall Street I ate huge, ridiculously unhealthy lunches, and my dinners were frequently no different. I had a huge appetite, especially for sweet deep-fried Chinese food – definitely not the best stuff to put in my body. I would sit at a desk for hours, plugging away at Excel, eating as though I were still in my powerlifting phase of life.

Spending Time Outdoors - Mid-Climb At Smith Rock

Spending Time Active In The Outdoors - Mid-Climb At Smith Rock

When I quit my job in January 2010 I didn’t intentionally exercise more. I just had more time to move around. There was no reason to sit all afternoon: I wanted to experience the sunny part of the day. When we worked on the resort in the Dominican Republic we spent the vast majority of our time outside. In two months of not trying, I shed a good amount of fat.

Now that I’m spending my time climbing, biking, and cooking healthy food, I’m feeling great. If you’re looking for another reason to drop your desk job, consider the potential benefits not only to your mental well-being, but to your physical well-being as well.

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16 11 2011

Oh I totally hear ya on that! Only we had a home-based business, but our excuse for being fatter before we hit the road was our Costco membership. Seriously, all of those trappings of a sticks and bricks life really pack on the pounds. I thought we would gain weight since we don’t haul our Nautilus gym with us anymore, but once we we started traveling, we’ve both lost weight. Everyone should road trip for better health!

18 11 2011

Ah, Costco. I used to love that store, but shopping there is a bit ridiculous if you have a Class C rig 🙂

16 11 2011

Apparently, living semi-retired has a strong effect on your hair as well!!

16 11 2011

Yeah, but that one took longer to emerge. And required bleach.

17 11 2011

I’m with you on this one too…both Paul and I feel we are more intelligent and better looking since we started full-timing….hehehe 🙂

18 11 2011

I thought we were going to see a wedding picture! But seriously, I think this lifestyle is great for us.

18 11 2011

Maybe one day!

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