Wearing Our Shoes Out In San Francisco

19 11 2011

I think that we’ve walked enough in San Francisco that if we had just headed east the whole time we would be back in New York by now. But for me, it’s been worth it. We’ve explored the Haight-Ashbury, Castro, and Mission districts. We’ve walked through Golden Gate Park and gone to the symphony, gym, and a book reading. Ayo has given four(!) film presentations, and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with Diane, one of our readers and an aspiring RVer. Saturday should hold in store a meetup with Matt, another one of our readers who is also generously hosting us on Saturday night in the Mission.

Street Art

Street Art

On Sunday we’ll be flying out to New York / New Jersey to be with family for Thanksgiving, and taking a four-day vacation in Aruba (cool!) with Ayo’s parents. Our East Coast schedule is ridiculously packed, but we’re looking forward to spending time with family, and I’ll be taking my brother climbing in the Gunks on Tuesday.

Opulent City Hall

Opulent City Hall

Until we’re back we’ve arranged to store Arvie at a synagogue with a massive parking lot. It’s cool when things just work out like that.

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20 11 2011

Glad you’ve had fun exploring “The City”. Hope you enjoy your hot & cold (or should that be cold, then hot?) Thanksgiving holiday with your families.

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