Happy Cranberry Day!

22 11 2011

Beautiful friends, family and readers,

Hello from the Big Apple!  We arrived on the East Coast just a couple of days ago and are psyched to spend the week taking advantage of New York City, rock climbing in the Gunks and spending quality time with our families.

Yair will be cooking up some vegan delights in the coming days (black bean and red pepper burgers, baked cajun sweet potato and yam wedges, curried vegetables and rice, date nut truffles – let us know if you want recipes!) to supplement the traditional turkey day fare.

If you’re open to or interested in reconsidering your Thanksgiving menu, feel free to check out any of the following links:

  1. Light listening: A less than five minutes Freakonomics podcast on turkeys and their not-so-raunchy sex lives.
  2. Medium reading: A beautiful and not overly preachy Turkey Talk by friend and Rabbi Marc Soloway of Boulder, Colorado.
  3. Heavier reading: A brief but honest post by FrugalVeganMom about the harsh realities of farming turkeys for your table.

I am thankful for so many things this season.  Ranked pretty high on my list is that I have two sets of healthy, loving and supportive parents.  I try to tell my folks as often as I can how much I love and appreciate them and how grateful I am for what they’ve given me. Don’t be afraid to be a mush.  Tell someone you love just how much you love them today!

Happy Cranberry Day!

All my love,


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4 responses

22 11 2011

Hey Ayo,

Hope you guys have a great holiday – please do share the recipes, especially if they go over well with the non-veg crowd!

3 12 2011

You can expect an e-mail with recipes soon! Yair’s on it. 🙂

23 11 2011

We love you and appreciate you both too ( although maybe not so much the pink and yellow hair respectively).

FYI,the meal was unbelievably delicious, got rave reviews and was eaten by vegans, vegetarians and carnivores all, and the house smelled incredible all day. 🙂


3 12 2011

Yum yum yum. And the pink hair grew on you! 🙂

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