Climbing At The Gunks

27 11 2011

Another 5:00AM wakeup. This time the drive was just under two hours, and my brother Yoni was at the wheel. I had spent a solid six hours researching and planning for this day of climbing, and “chance of afternoon rain” be damned, we were going to the Gunks – the premier climbing destination in the northeast.

Getting Ready To Pull "The Move"

Getting Ready To Pull "The Move"

The main attraction at the Gunks is a three-mile-long cliff band offering over 1,000 spectacular 90’ – 300’ climbs at all levels of difficulty. We arrived at the Gunks to cloudy skies and cold 31-degree weather. The rock felt significantly colder, and our hands quickly decided to lose feeling. Whatever, it hurt but we were still going. Up.

Six hours later and we had climbed hundreds of feet on multiple routes, enjoyed spectacular views, and had an epic adventure when my brother decided that he absolutely needed to take a shit while anchored into a cliff-side well over 100’ in the air.

Fantastic Views and Exposure

Fantastic Views and Exposure

I’ll make sure to plan my next Gunks trip for a time when the weather will be more cooperative, but in the end the climbing itself was wonderful and it was great to be introduced to a new climbing area. I’ll be going back.

The rest of our week in New York served up a marathon of routine medical check-ups, a lovely Thanksgiving get-together, and a really fun three-day visit from our Burning Man friend Ruthie.

The Two Of Us With Ruthie

The Two Of Us With Ruthie

Currently en route to… Aruba. See ya.

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