Look Out The Window, People!

4 12 2011

[Written in flight on Friday]

I’m sitting in seat 12A of a Boeing 757-800 right now. I got lucky and there’s no one else in my row, so I’ve sprawled out and have been enjoying the opportunity to lay down, stretch out, and read without being squished. I’ve also been looking out the window through cloudless skies, and the Sierras are below us. It’s pretty gorgeous down there.

Curious, I just did two totally non-scientific covert surveys of passengers on the plane. (This after coincidentally reading a Wikipedia article on the U-2 spy plane.)

  • Of the 36 people with window seats, fourteen have their windows open
  • Of those fourteen people, ten are awake
  • Of those ten people who are awake, six appear to being doing nothing, just sitting around waiting out the hour or so until landing
  • Of the four people that aren’t zoned-out, two are reading
  • Of the two people that aren’t zoned out and aren’t reading… one is enjoying (apparently) the view out the window.


(In case you’re wondering, the other guy was on his computer.)

Not My Photo, But A Similar View (From Wikipedia)

Not My Photo, But A Similar View (From Wikipedia)

When was the last time you had the opportunity for an aerial view of a spectacular mountain range? Did you take advantage of it?

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3 responses

5 12 2011

Worked 20 years in aviation and had many flight hours,you are right it is MAGNIFICENT.

5 12 2011

Love those window views! Have really enjoyed your little posts on Aruba too. Looks like a neat island-spot to get away from it all.

5 12 2011

Looking forward to catching up in person in a few weeks! Are we still on for New Years?

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