A Crazy Idea That I’m Not Going To Do

5 12 2011

In my trance the other night I found myself bouncing around ideas that kept popping into my head. One of them seemed fun, but too involved for me to actually do.

Facebook has made it possible to keep up with (or keep tabs on) people from various periods throughout life. I imagine that class reunions would still be cool, but that they would be very different from pre- internet-age reunions.

So, my crazy idea: What if I traveled around the United States having one-on-one reunions with everyone from my high school class?

I’m curious to see in person how people have evolved and changed. I went to a religious Jewish high school and know that peers who had nothing to do with religion in high school have gone on to become rabbis. I know that many members of my class have taken unconventional paths (like meat salesman or full-time RVer), and that a gajillion people have taken the standard Jewish route of doctor/lawyer.

People have kids. Like, multiple ones. I am so not interested in taking the time to pursue my 3:00 AM idea, but it’s fun to think about what it would be like.

Maybe reunions are good things after all.

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One response

5 12 2011

Hi Yair,
I do not think that it is a Crazy Idea at all,people like nostalgia ,the past keeps us building the future.
Now-days with internet it it much easier to connect and get together-I am sure it will be thrill.

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