Jacob Retires From Retirement

5 12 2011

Those of you who have been with us for a while know that Early Retirement Extreme was a big influence in our journey that enables our current lifestyle. Jacob retired at 33 or more accurately became financially free at that time. He’s not wealthy, although his net worth exceeds that of the vast majority of Americans. Instead, he lives an extremely frugal life that he can fund off of his investment income.

And he just decided to go back to work.

I see this as inspiring, particularly at this time when Ayo and I are having conversations about the form in which we’d like to continue our current lifestyle (like RVing, travel, and mini-retirement).

With Jacob, Circa 2010

With Jacob, Circa 2010

We’d like to have kids some day, which I hear can be expensive. While we can handle that expense now, we’re not terribly interested in its depleting our savings.

We’ll eventually end up working again. Maybe it’ll be part-time, full-time, or in a well-beyond-full-time intense start-up. It’s great to know that we can take our sweet time in making those decisions, but it’s also nice to see the father of extreme early retirement taking the plunge because he found something that he was excited about.

Eventually, I think that’s how it’ll play out for us as well.

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