We are SO in California

7 12 2011

Want proof?  Just check out this menu.

A Very California Menu

A Very California Menu

I hear that they will be closing down their Northern California locations in the coming months, so we’ll just have to add Cafe Gratitude to our culinary tour of the Bay this week.  I’ll keep you posted!

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8 12 2011

This menu is so you!

13 12 2011


8 12 2011

Welcome back to California! Glad to hear you had a great break from the road. I hope you’ve come back refreshed and re-inspired. We experienced some high winds while you were away. I hope Arvie weathered the storms well. Can’t wait to see where the road leads you next…

13 12 2011

Arvie weathered the storms beautifully and it’s about time we start heading south with these high 30s-low 40s nights starting to set in! 🙂

8 12 2011
Chris Dunphy

Gratitude is a very fun place to eat, and I really was blown away by the food too.

I’m actually old friends (haven’t talked to him in years) with the lawyer who is leading the lawsuit against Gratitude for illegal labor practices. I’m really bummed that rather than settle and change their policies, they’ve decided instead to just quit the business entirely.

13 12 2011

I hear you. We had a great experience at Gratitude and I’m hoping to check out the one in LA later this month.

I heard that the owners are generally ready to move on to new projects and that the process of being sued and being in such a litigious environment was emotionally draining, even if the specific dollars and cents of the lawsuit didn’t necessitate selling all of the locations.

Hopefully, the owners will take some them-time to relax, regroup and dive into their next project refreshed.

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