Mobile Hotspot Redundancy

8 12 2011

Hot damn! We’re downloading at 3.5 Mb/s through Mobile Hotspot.

Verizon has served us incredibly well over the last year, particularly for voice. Mobile Hotspot, on the other hand, has been frustrating at times. So we just redundantized, with Ayo using her Sprint free upgrade to get the wicked Epic 4G Touch with Mobile Hotspot capability.  (Free?  Ha!  You still end up dropping some solid cash.)

The Old Phone

The Old Phone

Ay's First Smartphone - AMAZING

Ay's First Smartphone - AMAZING

Granted we’re in an area with excellent 4G coverage, but we’ve now doubled our monthly bandwidth cap and have ridiculously fast internet – especially considering that it’s coming to us through a sleek and slim phone.


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