Cafe Gratitude

11 12 2011

Yair and I made it to Cafe Gratitude this weekend, and what an experience it was!

One woman at our table ordered the “I Am Healthy” green smoothie drink and – as the waiter served the beverage – she pronounced “You Are Healthy”.  It was very new-age, out there and fun.  My dad always kidded about “hippie California spirituality” growing up… if only he was there to see this!

Welcome to Cafe Gratitude!

Welcome to Cafe Gratitude!

We joined two Gratitude veterans, Shoshana and Ari, for the cafe’s famous deep cleaning game called The Abounding River.  (Many people say that the cafe was created as an excuse to get people playing the game.)

To start off, you are given a logsheet and are asked to choose a spirit word, an abundance word and add it to your given name.  We were ‘Light Multitude Yair’ and ‘Love Thanksgiving Ayo’.  Before playing the game, you say aloud “I love and honor myself and am grateful to play this game with you.”

Picking Out Our Spirit Abundance Names

Picking Out Our Spirit Abundance Names

Each person receives a colored leaf as their game piece and you roll a die to move around a river board, drawing cards, reading profound ideas and answering questions.

While Abounding River may seem fluffy at first, the game is incisive in that it immediately cuts through the defensive layer and probes to your core to get you to be honest with yourself.  It’s a no-BS structure to get people to own up to the core of who they are, their strengths and their weaknesses.

There Are No Others

There Are No Others

There were great quotes like “Minds were designed for carrying out the orders of the heart” and mantras like “It’s about being – not just doing” and “I get to love myself and my body”.

Yair said that it was a good game to play with strangers because – in a way – you are talking to yourself and others’ presence simply gives you the needed illusion of speaking to someone else.

All in all, a fun evening and I’d totally go back!

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