Take Advantage Of Credit Card Deals

21 12 2011

Dear People With Reasonable Credit Scores Who Have Self-Control,

Find and take advantage of credit card promotions! Some of the things that you may have missed out on:

  • Marriott points for up to eleven free nights
  • Two free JetBlue flights
  • Three free American Airlines flights
  • $100 cash
  • And others…

Back in the days when savings account interest rates were over 5%, people were making thousands through balance transfer deals. They would receive a balance transfer check for, say, $20,000 with no interest for the first 12 months, stick the cash in a savings account, and pay back the full amount at the end of the year – keeping the ~$1,000 interest as free cash. Do that enough times, and you’re not doing too badly for close to zero effort.

That particular approach doesn’t work anymore, but awesome points incentives and things like error fares happen more frequently than you might think. If you recall, an Expedia mistake got me four free flights and a helicopter tour + dinner cruise in New York City.

I follow promotions at this site. It takes me about fifteen seconds a day to see if there’s anything worthwhile going on, and that 1/2 hour per year has paid off. If this sounds like your kind of thing, I highly recommend adding the site above to your reader. I don’t have any connection to it – I’m just sharing information that’s been great for me in the past.

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