Adults Don’t Play

30 12 2011

Adults don’t play.  At some point during adolescence, people lose interest in playing and no longer have the time for it.  (I wonder which one goes first – the time or interest.)  Exercise becomes a chore relegated to the gym in lieu of a natural interaction.

love playing!  Granted, I couldn’t play all day and I enjoy adult conversation, projects, books, etc.  But it wouldn’t be unusual to see me leapfrogging in a park or playing tag with the trees.  (I always win at that one.)

This San Diego Park Was Made For Running And Playing

This San Diego Park Was Made For Running And Playing

Pretending To Be Wind-Swept Trees Near La Jolla Beach

Pretending To Be Wind-Swept Trees Near La Jolla Beach

When we were in LA, I had a blast playing with Tamar and Gabe’s kids.  Yesterday, I walked over to a local park in San Diego, befriended four different groups of people and brought them together for playful interaction and conversation.  I even challenged some of the adults to races and am convinced that I built more community in one hour than had previously been in place among those neighbors.

Yair jokes that I should post a Craigslist ad for childcare, specializing in outdoor games for 5-10 year olds with tremendous amounts of energy.  I’m not so sure about that, but if anyone wants to meet up and play as we head through Texas this spring or when we’re back in Riverdale this March, let me know!

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30 12 2011

Oooo you’re going to TX, I’m so jealous! I’ve always really wanted to visit Austin, they even have a great vegan cafe there Spiral Diner.

Yeah that’s the great thing about kids, I’ve realized I’ve started being a lot more silly and joyful, it’s wonderful.

16 01 2012

That IS wonderful. If you’re itching for a vacation, you and Nathan should totally make a trip to Austin this March.

Seriously! We’ll be there for the entire month, the SXSW festival goes down around then and it’d be great to meet you guys. So I’ll make us a reservation at the Spiral Diner. Settled, then!

30 12 2011

(Just for the future file) My family lives in Austin so I visit often and never fail to grab a meal at another great vegan restaurant there: Casa de Luz (very reasonable too) Love that place.

16 01 2012

Casa de Luz. I’ll totally keep that in mind. We’re planning on calling Austin home base for a month or two this spring and we’ll be PLENTY hungry for restaurant options after making our way through the heartland of Texas, so thanks for the recommendation!

31 12 2011

happy new year ayo & yair!!!! hope it’s everything you want it to be and hoping that we cross paths again, you are always welcome at our house!!
safe travels… tiffany & sean

16 01 2012

Thank you, darlings! Any travel adventuring planned for the next few months, or will you be sticking around Denver for the foreseeable future? Love from San Diego! 🙂

1 01 2012

Adult conversation? I never got the knack of that one.
And besides, adults do play, their games just get better. Yair is playing every time he puts a pack on and goes into the woods, or looks through a telescope. Personally, ultimate frisbee.
Hope to see you guys this summer.

16 01 2012

I like your style of conversation, Dov. At least when it involves the good stuff like quacking and poetry.

You are right that adults sort of play through their hobbies, but it’s definitely different from the unbridled creativity and imagination that comes with kids games where – instead of needing equipment and rules – you look open-eyed at the world and the people around you and create for yourselves a universe of fun.

9 04 2013

Having a playful heart keeps you going when times get tough. Great Post, interesting article, two thumbs up.

9 04 2013

Thanks, Jenny! Yeah, today was a challenging day, but a friend dragged me out for a lunchtime acrobatics break and I finally nailed “High Bird” (the dirty dancing move flying on someone’s hands). So fun. Play for the win!

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