Refresh Yourself Project

3 01 2012

After the debacle that was yesterday’s attempted blood donation, I resolved to wake up this morning with a plan.  I had long been toying with the idea of Smile cards and thinking about what anonymous acts of kindness would be most natural and fitting for me to perform.

Then it hit me: If I was already resolved to walk the earth a few mornings each week with the express purpose of greeting passersby, lending a helping hand where possible and spreading positivity, why not add some culinary flavor to it?  After all, everyone likes food, right?

Tasty, Healthy and Refreshing

Tasty, Healthy and Refreshing

And so was born the “Refresh Yourself” Project, where I will be slicing a couple of apples or oranges or [insert refreshing fruit that we have in our fridge at any given day here] and offering them up to whomever I encounter with a smile and a wish for a beautiful day.

We’ll see how it goes!  🙂

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3 01 2012

Have you guys ever heard about the Free Cookies project? Please, please google it or go to the Scott Alexander website, you can tell him I sent you. He’s a musician who sets up camp on an inflatable couch and gives away free vegan cookies. He’s based in CA, although I can’t remember which city right now. You would have an awesome time talking to him.

16 01 2012

OH my gosh, I met this guy!!! Two or three years ago, I was hanging out in this park in NYC’s Village and spent an afternoon chilling with him. He totally made my day with his cookies, and I completely forgot about the whole thing until just now.

How awesome!

PS- Just checked his website and he seems to be based in the Bay Area. Too bad we missed him last month, but I’m sure that’s not the last time we’ll be in SF!

4 01 2012

Superb article. Will sure use it on my site and refer it to our users.tnx

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