Refresh Yourself – Take 1

4 01 2012

I was up by 8 am this morning, slicing fresh Gala apples into my newly-decorated tupperware for Take One of the “Refresh Yourself” Project.  I dressed for the occasion in colorful leggings, a flouncy skirt and a cute top – playful enough to be me, but neat enough not to scare off the perfect strangers that I was about to approach.  And off I went to explore Ocean Beach!

Good morning!  Would you like some fresh fruit?  I just sliced it and it’s really refreshing…

I got some nos, but I also got a lot of yeses!  By the end of the hour, I befriended a group of people in their 30s, a couple of senior citizens, a UPS guy, a homeless guy, a construction crew and a surfer, among others.  I handed many of them a Smile card, saying nothing at all or “Do something nice for someone today” or teasingly “This is a game and you’re It” – a play on the card’s wording.

Refresh Yourself Apples - The Tupperware Was Empty in No Time

Refresh Yourself Apples - The Tupperware Was Empty in No Time

I was down to my last three apple slices when it became obvious to whom they would go.  Down the street, I saw two Hispanic people in their 30s manually pushing a stalled car up the road toward a parking spot with a third person steering the car.  You look like you could use some refreshment…  And that was a wrap!

The project is almost as selfish as it is altruistic – I love meeting people, breaking down social barriers, building community and inducing smiles in others.  But I have a feeling that most of the “refreshed” people started their day today with a little bit of an extra skip in their step, and that is awesome.

Who’s going to join me in performing an (anonymous or not) act of kindness for a stranger this week?

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3 responses

8 01 2012

Hiya! I recentely stumbled upon your blog while doing research on early retirement and I love it! Your positive, playful & giving attitude towards life is so inspiring! Thank you for that! 🙂

17 01 2012

Hey Katie! Wow. Thanks for the compliment and encouragement – so sweet.

How are you doing with your early retirement research? Let me know if you have any questions!

31 07 2013

Hello colleagues, its wonderful post on the topic of cultureand fully defined, keep it up all the time.

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