Our Last Week In Ocean Beach

17 01 2012

The past couple of weeks have left us with a lot of new friends. Some friendships came about through people we know, while others were a bit more random, like my playing guitar and drums with street musicians named Joe and Gemini.

An Astronomy On The Road Event I Did In Ocean Beach

An Astronomy On The Road Event I Did In Ocean Beach

Matt and Bree being in town livened up the “through people we know” category, introducing us to a number of their San Diego friends like Cody, Brin, and Jenna. We also got to know Bree’s super-cool mom, who is a nutso exerciser and does a daily ocean swim. We toured San Diego together and found this guy in Balboa Park. (Watch until at least 23 seconds in. That’s when things really get started.)

We befriended Lisa, one of our readers who is on a journey toward fulltime RVing. She recently started blogging here. Lisa took us out to a wonderful lunch at the People’s Food Co-op in Ocean Beach, and we had some great conversations about life and RVing.

With Our Blog Reader (And Aspiring RVer Friend) Lisa

With Lisa - Our Blog Reader, Friend And Aspiring RVer

Finally, I spent a night prowling around town this past week. I struck up a conversation with two street musicians named Joe and Gemini. Joe was a pro at bringing in the tips, while Gemini was a busker-in-training, a  bit drunk, a bit high, and gently being educated by Joe that he’ll get better tips if he doesn’t yell at people.

Gemini got progressively less sober over the few minutes that we were hanging out, and somehow I ended up taking over the Middle-Eastern hand drum. Eventually Joe and I swapped instruments, and I was jamming away on guitar.

Final conversation of the night:

Gemini: Hey Joe, I think that he’s better than I am on that thing.

Joe: Yes. Yes, he is.

We got a couple of bucks tossed our way while I was playing, but I left them in the jar for Joe and Gemini to split.

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2 responses

17 01 2012

Well, at least you know you’ll never starve. That video performer was really good, especially his falsetto voice.

20 01 2012

GREAT round-up of OB! So very much enjoyed seeing ya on New Year’s Eve…sorry we never made it for another meet-up before you went (it’s been crazy busy), but will be happily following you on the blog!

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