Mission Trails and King Day 2012

21 01 2012

During our last week in San Diego, we joined the local Young Israel for a scholar-in-residence weekend with famed Maggid Hanoch Teller and managed to squeeze in some quality time at Mission Trails Regional Preserve.

Cowles Mountain is the highest point in San Diego, and I hiked it three times over the course of the weekend.  On Shabbat morning, I hiked the trail solo and befriended Ernesto.  We reveled in how good it felt to have made it up the mountain and ended up dancing bachata and merengue on the peak.

Ernesto and I Atop The Tallest Point in San Diego

Ernesto and I Atop The Tallest Point in San Diego

On Shabbat afternoon, Yair and I made our way up the trail and spotted a shiny turquoise hummingbird flying and hovering over a bush full of flowers.  On Sunday morning, we joined a group of friends from the local Jewish community for a final climb before descending to find this adorable little girl and her father at the trailhead:

"We Are Giving Away Free Water In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day"

"We Are Giving Away Free Water In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day"

We closed out the weekend with a visit to the San Diego MLK parade with fellow RVers Sam, Tracy, Karen and Ben.  Perhaps most fun of all, Yair and I participated in an interfaith MLK park clean-up event on Monday morning in Balboa Park.  By the end of the morning, we must have cleared at least thirty beer cans and over 200 cigarette butts between the two of us and it felt great to be keeping the park clean for kids (and adults!) at play.

Yair spoke brilliantly when interviewed about the event by Channel 6 local news and we enjoyed a post-service potluck lunch with a group of Unitarian Universalists.  We are now enjoying our first visit to Quartzsite  where we have been adopted by the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.  More to come!

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4 responses

22 01 2012

We heart Yayo.

22 01 2012

There’s a licensed social worker I know who might be able to help you guys with that… 🙂 Love you, too.

22 01 2012
john bauer

What a great experience. I think there were reasons for you two meeting up. Enjoy the rest of your life

25 01 2012

Thanks, John!

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