You Must Be A Clown In Training

30 01 2012

One of my weaknesses that has emerged ‘over the years’ is that I am a professional dabbler.  I love picking up new hobbies, but I rarely keep them long enough to develop much prowess.  Not anymore!

Over the past few weeks, I have spent a half hour each day practicing either juggling or hooping with pretty awesome results.  The first time I took my juggling balls to the local park, I entertained a group of 3-year-olds who stood transfixed despite their mothers’ best attempts to get them to play.

The second time I was surrounded by a group of 6-year-olds who decided to create a talent show around my juggling, complete with singing and dancing.  Perhaps best of all, the third time a little girl came up to me and asked:  “Are you a clown?”  When I said no, she then said “Oh… you must be a clown in training.”  High praise from a little one!

I don’t have a tremendous bag of tricks, but my skills have definitely progressed to the passable level.  Perhaps one day they will be good enough for me to volunteer as a medical clown.  Smile-inducing!  🙂

I Can't Juggle With Three Clubs...But I Can Hold Them!

I Can't Juggle With Three Clubs...But I Can Hold Them!

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One response

6 02 2012
Becca S

that girl must be on the clown-certification committee… they are notoriously discriminating. She must have seen your awesomeness. 🙂

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