How Do You Know When You’re In Portland?

1 02 2012

I spent just under 24 hours in Portland (Oregon) this weekend for a Faces presentation and – after a bit of amusement – decided to put together this short list.

Without further ado, you know that you are in Portland:

1.  …when all of the toilets are Eco-Flush (a dual-flush technology that saves on water) so you feel like you’re in Israel.

2.  …when the hotel gym features not just cardio equipment and weights, but adult-sized hula hoops.

3.  …when the hotel room comes with a garbage bin and a recycling bin.

Recycling at the Sheraton

Recycling at the Sheraton

4.  …when the campus cafeteria features not only local and organic food, but also vegan and gluten-free sections complete with nutritional yeast, Bragg’s liquid aminos and other staples (including vegan chocolate chip cookies!).

5.  …when Ducks apparel is for sale everywhere and you can’t go an hour without seeing a “Go Ducks!” ad or banner.

A Ducks Vendor At PDX (The Airport)

A Ducks Vendor At PDX (The Airport)

6.  Last but not least, when you pack your sunglasses for the weekend and then realize how silly that was as you stare at the clouded sky and walk in the mid-afternoon drizzle.

That’s when you know that you’re in Portland!

Presenting at Lewis and Clark

Presenting at Lewis and Clark

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15 02 2012

Have you watched the show Portlandia at all? It’s a sketch show about the hilarities of Portland. Check out a great clip here –

22 02 2012

Yeah! I saw one episode earlier this fall and particularly appreciated the scene where the couple wanted to know the chickens’ names, who their friends were, etc.

I wouldn’t add it to my list of regulars, but it was definitely a fun watch. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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