Climbing Mount Lemmon

2 02 2012

Ayo was in Portland this past Sunday, so I took the day to go climbing. Mount Lemmon is the Tucson climbing spot, with a variety of options in elevations ranging from 4,000′ to 9,000’+ making the peak a perfect year-round climbing spot.

"Rapunzel's Tower"

"Rapunzel's Tower"

To avoid the 10-mile (very) uphill drive to a pullout that would almost certainly not be level, I decided to park the RV at the bottom of Mount Lemmon Highway and hitch a ride up. It didn’t take long before I was in the back of a guy’s pickup truck, well on my way toward milepost 10 where I should have been able to find my climbing spot – “The Nursery”.

Looking Out On Tucson From The Truck Bed

Looking Out On Tucson From The Truck Bed

Well, apparently I was dropped off just past the right spot, so I took a very scenic two-mile detour, eventually ending up at the right place – two minutes off of the main road.

I spent six hours out there, listening to great music, eating gourmet PB&J, and climbing all over. Fun day.

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2 responses

2 02 2012
Brenda A.

So glad you enjoyed Mt. Lemmon! It’s a gorgeous location with a lot to offer. I’m amazed at some of the rigs I’ve seen in the campgrounds there too.

3 02 2012

Thanks for recommending it. Mount Lemmon was really a beautiful place. We’ve had some jaw-agape experiences seeing huge rigs that have clearly taken impossibly curvy / low clearance roads.

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