Gas Prices Do Go Down

6 02 2012

A brief note to the many people who in their constant freak-out over gas prices constantly say that gas prices only go up, and never go down.

In planning out the next leg of our driving, I was looking at Gas Buddy and began drooling over the sub-$3 gas in El Paso. (Okay, so it’s back up to a big $3.04 since I wrote this.)

Eat that, California. And gas price alarmists.

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4 responses

6 02 2012

When I left for the RTR on Jan 19th gas price was 2.85 per gal in Denver


6 02 2012

1) Wow!

2) In May 2011 Denver gas prices hit $3.75 / gallon.

9 02 2012

LoL…love the California comment.

11 02 2012

The so called “sub 3dollar gas in El Paso” does no one any good at all abroad in this country & even if it was $3 a gal. all over… everywhere in this country, it would still be priced way top high. I mean… paying over 2 bucks a gallon is ludricris! We all know it.. it’s not morally right at all.

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